Young male technical support dispatcher with headset talking with customer in call center

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Why are managed services is better than in house IT support? That’s a question that you may have wondered yourself. While you may not be able to completely answer this question, we can answer the question with a simple example.

You could be working on a very important project and if you’re working in the house you’re probably doing it once or twice a week. A person that works with their own staff once a week might want to call the IT support for their company. However, they’ll probably want to do some of their own work, such as setting up new systems, updating certain applications, and configuration.

If you’re a contract IT support provider, what you’re going to find is that they may need to do a lot of the work for you. They may need to help them install the hardware, configure the devices, and teach them how to use the equipment. However, they can’t fully do the work for you because you don’t have their own staff to do the same job.

If you are a contract managed services provider, you’ll usually know the types of projects that you will be handling. You’ll be aware of the needs of your clients so you can offer the right services to them. You can usually manage this by putting the request in front of your staff and seeing how they can perform your tasks.

In this case, you will know the exact type of tasks that your clients need and if you can do it, then you can often handle the project. It may take you a little more time to do this but you’ll know it will be worth it. You may find that it’s a lot easier for you and that you can do everything better this way.

A managed services provider will often have access to more types of hardware and software. This means that they will be able to deploy things quickly and be able to troubleshoot the problem much quicker. When this happens, the client can often go directly to the IT support or back to you for additional help.

When you are a managed services provider, you will usually have a staff of people that know about the hardware and software that you provide. You can use this knowledge to help make sure that the client’s problems are properly resolved. You can refer the problems to the experts who can solve the problem much more quickly.

Another advantage of being a managed services provider is that you will have more contacts that you can use to make sure that your clients are getting the right help. Your team will generally have a much higher level of trust that you have with them than you would have at your own company. This means that you can handle their problems more quickly.

While there are disadvantages to having a managed services department, there are also advantages. For example, if you are not managing your own IT support department, you can save money. The cost of running the support system for your own staff will more than pay for the cost of having a team that’s only working for you.

A managed services provider can also improve the relationship between the IT support provider and the client. With a managed service, the staff can help to manage all the tasks and to address any concerns the client may have.

When you are working in the house you may have different opinions with the support staff. However, it will be much easier for you to get things accomplished when you work with a managed service provider instead of your own staff.

Additional Benefits of Managed Services IT

For those who have been there, it’s a non-starter. People love to plan, schedule, and execute their business while they are on call, and you are wasting your money hiring them and letting them know when the business fails. This isn’t a solution for the average business, but if you’re planning on becoming successful then you need to be prepared for that.

The answer lies in the fact that for every company who can benefit from in house support, there are probably one hundred who can benefit from managed services. Not only is this more cost effective but it’s also far less stressful. You aren’t going to have to worry about the loss of a contract because you have to worry about the entire company.

  • In house support would be time consuming, and your employees would take a back seat to ensure the business is running smoothly, and this would be damaging to the overall health of the business.
  • On the other hand, with managed services, if you cannot handle it, or if the problem isn’t critical enough to justify the expense, they have the ability to take over and handle the situation until the business can be restored.
  • There are some of us who would rather save our own business from ourselves, but the fact is, even though we may not like the idea of giving up control, we would still be willing to sacrifice our own businesses to ensure the company does well.
  • We are a business-driven society, so it’s all about managing resources. If we take care of it, the business will prosper.

There are so many benefits, and the best parts, managed services have no need for employees. Since they are outsourcing the work, you will find that you will need less people, so you won’t need as many employees, which will save you money.

I have learned that with the right attitude, a lot of things can be made possible for the long run. This is one area where the right attitude can really help.