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SEO marketing is a very wide term that encompasses many things. It is not as easy to define as other aspects of Internet Marketing. SEO marketing is a combination of many things such as, search engine optimization, link building and other types of internet marketing. SEO is all about increasing the popularity and visibility of a website in the eyes of the search engines for relevant keywords. This is done by optimizing the website with various strategies and techniques.

Search engine optimization is simply the process of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a web page or a site from the search engines. SEO targets free as well as paid traffic and hence is termed as ‘SEM’. The major functions of SEO include helping the small businesses promote their products and services on the net. This strategy helps small businesses achieve growth by improving brand recognition and by introducing new products and services.

SEO can be of great help to the SME and it is one of the best tools available to them in this regard.

SEM involves the use of strategic moves to improve the rankings of the website on the search engines in order to draw a huge amount of traffic. This is done by the use of strategic techniques and methods, such as, directory submission, social media marketing, online advertising and other electronic means. The methods of seo marketing depend upon what is being offered to the consumers, for instance, in the case of small businesses, the offer may be free email marketing, link building, blogging and other digital marketing strategies.

SEO works towards improving the positions of the website on the search engines through strategic techniques such as, keyword research, optimization, link building, content development, web coding and other methods. The major functions of these techniques are, enhancing the SERPs, improving the visibility of the website, driving quality traffic and improving conversion rates. Organic traffic is that which comes to the website without any payment or request for any information. On the contrary, PPC or pay per click ads is that which comes to the website after clicking the advertisement and it is paid if the user buys the product or service requested by the advertiser.

As far as the methods of SEO are concerned,

they include using ethical strategies such as, content management, content writing, and including keywords in the title and meta tags of the page. Content management includes maintaining the website and making necessary amendments whenever necessary. Content writing involves SEO strategies such as, keyword research and incorporating keywords into the copywriting. On the other hand, SEO methods involve a lot of money but the benefits are more than the cost. There are various tools and techniques available that help the small business owners increase their sales. However, the techniques should be adopted according to the requirements of the site, for instance, SEO marketing for small business should be handled differently from other sites.

SEO methods involve ethical ways of marketing the site that includes effective communication with the possible clients and creating a good first impression. However, there is another thing that needs to be considered when SEO marketing for small business, for instance, content optimization. The content in the site should be original, unique, informative, and convincing to increase the traffic on the site. On the other hand, ethical SEO requires certain rules to be followed for example, keyword stuffing should be avoided as this can lead to a negative result for the site. Apart from that, web developers must follow certain rules such as, never submit duplicate content, use Meta tags, avoid placing advert links in the site, and many more.

Another SEO technique includes on-page SEO techniques such as, title optimization, keyword density, image optimization, internal linking and many more. Title optimization helps the search engines to determine the relevance of the page, whereas keyword density improves the visibility of the keyword in the content of the page. It is necessary to keep the keywords related to the business on all the pages of the site. Image optimization improves the appearance of the web page and it also allows the user to understand the importance of the page. Internal linking provides a better understanding on the credibility of the site by linking all the pages to some external web sites.

  • Keyword research is also an important aspect of SEO marketing.
  • It helps you to rank in the top ten pages of the search engine results pages for a particular keyword.
  • There are many companies that offer services for keyword research, however, you need to ensure that the company you choose has professionals who are knowledgeable about search engine results pages.
  • These professionals will help you rank in the top positions for your selected keywords and give you an edge over your competitors.
  • The professionals in this field to analyze the content of the website and make sure that the keywords are included without spamming.